LegaLogic Advises Wesley Clover to set up Alacrity India Fund (Cat I)

LegaLogic Consulting advises Wesley Clover to set up Alacrity India Fund (AIF – Cat – I).

Wesley Clover is a Canada-based investment company backed by technology entrepreneur investor. Sir Terence, Founder of Wesley Clover founded a global network of startup funds under the Alacrity brand, with a goal of bringing investors, academic institutions, entrepreneurs and governments together to create technology startup funds around the globe.

Presently, Wesley Clover has set up funds in Lille France, Mexico City Mexico, Singapore, Jakarta Indonesia, and Shanghai China.

For India, Wesley Clover partnered with Ideas to Impacts, founded by Gireendra Kasmalkar for creation of an Alacrity India Fund. The Fund will have the goal of importing world-class start-up practices and know-how into India, tuned for the Indian market, and leveraging unique Indian technology such as India Stack.

LegaLogic advised on the entire structuring of the Fund, drafting of Placement Memorandum and seeking approval with SEBI for setting up Category I Fund.

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