Liability insurance is a category of those insurance products that protect an individual or business from risks such as
those getting sued and being held legally liable for any acts such as deficiency in services, infringement, malpractice,
injury, or negligence. The liability insurance products predominantly cover both the legal costs as well as any legal
payouts for which the insured would be responsible, if found legally liable (‘Liability Insurance’).

We at LegaLogic understand that liability insurance product and endeavour to aid our clients in keeping the unintended
consequences arising out of any commercial breaches by our clients at bay. There are various insurance products
available under the liability insurance domain to cover the risk exposure, such as:

  • Errors and Omissions
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Directors and officers
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Commercial Crime
  • Workmen’s Compensation
  • Product Recall
  • Representation and warranty (as used in mergers and acquisitions)

Our broad range of services includes:

Initial assessment and consultation

  • We analyze the business risks and contractual commitments of our clients, counsel them, and structure a
    tailor-made liability insurance program with the help of insurance brokers and insurers.
  • We assist our clients in the selection of the right insurance brokers or insurance providers.
  • We undertake the gap assessment of the existing insurance programs of our clients and align them with inherent
    business risks and industry-standard coverages.
  • We also assess the existing insurance programs for optimization of premiums, and insurance limits and submit
    them for their incumbent coverages.

Insurance Policy Review

  • We review the liability insurance policies to secure optimum coverage.
  • We work with insurers or brokers to secure favourable policy wordings.
  • We assist in the claim settlement process from a legal perspective.
  • We support procuring the new liability insurance by reviewing competitive quotes, negotiating coverages and
    sub-limiting the premiums quoted by insurance companies.
  • We support the renewal of the insurance program of the entity and suggest any changes that are required
    considering new customer requirements or any new business operations of the entity.

The Insurance Claim Advisory

  • Interpretation of policy wordings against the nature of a claim for assessment of coverage.
  • Advising companies on the legal aspects of the claim situation, filing of claims, and claim settlement.
  • Assessing the claim history to understand the claim-like scenarios and educating the internal teams on potential
  • Assessment of an organization’s policies, procedures, and practices for better claim settlement.

To know more about the practice area and our expertise, please write to us at corporate@legalogic.co.in