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Data Privacy Newsletter – Generative Artificial Intelligence and Privacy Concerns : June 2023

Introduction Over the past year, Generative Artificial Intelligence (also known as “GenAI”) has taken the world by storm, gaining immense popularity and ever-increasing users worldwide. GenAI capabilities have proven ground-breaking, with a wide array of use cases and even complex exams. What is...
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Data Privacy Newsletter: Evolving USA Data Privacy Landscape – February 2023

Introduction 2023 is a milestone year for data privacy laws as we observe a surge in the number of data privacy regulations worldwide. For instance, the Federal Trade Commission, USA (the “FTC”) for the first time, has taken action against a popular telehealth and prescription drug provider, for...
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Data Privacy Newsletter: Comments on Draft India Data Accessibility and Use Policy-April 2022

COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS ON DRAFT INDIA DATA ACCESSIBILITY & USE POLICY 2022 We wish to extend appreciation to the Ministry of Information and Technology (hereafter referred to as “MeitY”) for releasing the Draft India Data Accessibility & Use Policy 2022 (hereafter referred to as the (...
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Data Privacy Newsletter- India: The Data Protection Bill, 2021 – The Key Compliances (Part 2) – March 2022

In our previous newsletter (Key Compliances Part 1 ) we touched upon aspects such as Consent, Privacy Notice, Purpose Limitation, Data Minimisation, Data Retention and Accountability as prescribed under the proposed Data Protection Bill, 2021 (the “DPB, 2021”). In Part 2 of the Key Compliances u...
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Data Privacy Newsletter:India: The Data Protection Bill, 2021 – The Key Compliances (Part 1) – Feb 2022

The Joint Parliamentary Committee (“JPC”) inDecember, 2021 released the latest version of the Data Protection Bill, 2021 (“DPB, 2021”), refer to our newsletter on the highlights of the latest version of the data protection law in India. (DPB 2021 – JPC Report Highlights). The DPB Bill, 202...
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Data Privacy: INDIA: DATA PRIVACY FOR EMPLOYERS – Vol. 10 – Nov 2021

Data privacy for employers has become critical in an age where data privacy laws are becoming stringent. Moreover, all employers are bound to collect and process personal information of their employees for various purposes throughout employment lifecycle. The below table depicts the risks associated...
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