Our Employment and Labour Laws practice covers a wide range of services, including advice and assistance about Indian
employment and labour laws, for domestic and international clients, in diverse sectors.

Our broad areas of service include:

  • Employment Documentation and Advisory: Advice on recruitment and retention of employees; and drafting of
    employment contracts (inclusive of contracts at managerial level, i.e., CXO, CEO Employment Agreement),
    appointment letters, confidentiality agreements, service bonds and other related documents.
  • Company Policies: Drafting and review of various policies required by various organisations to suit their
    individual needs, including Employee Handbooks and Human Resources (HR) Manuals.
  • Support in M&A transactions: Advice on employment issues in M&A transactions; review of existing employment
    documentation and compliance status for a gap analysis and risk assessment.
  • Employment Law Advice: Advice on the applicability and compliance with various state and federal laws;
    assistance in preparing compensation structures; enforceability of negative covenants; and other advice on
    dealing with various human resource issues such as non-performance, misconduct, and other day-to-day issues.
  • Employee Termination: Advice on employee termination and a reduction in the workforce. We also assist in
    drafting various exit documents, including termination letters, and separation and release agreements.
  • Re Employee Disputes and Litigation Representation: Advice, Drafting of Legal Notices, and Representation in
    Cases of Employee Disputes/Dismissal/Breach of Agreement/Privacy/Personal Data Protection Issues

Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace (PoSH Act)

  • Strategic advice on matters concerning the PoSH Act.
  • Drafting of policies and guidelines under PoSH Act, for the company.
  • Conducting Employee Awareness Sessions and Training Sessions for the ICC.
  • Representations on the Internal Compliance Committee (ICC).

Employee Awareness Programs

  • Conducting a Compliance Audit to assess the current level of implications under labour laws is also beneficial.
    Services such as health check-ups and other periodic updates. We provide a detailed report containing the
    non-compliances, their associated risk, and the risk mitigation strategies.
  • Organizing Awareness and Training Sessions for In-House Legal Counsel (including Sales and Delivery Teams) on
    various Regulations and Compliances such as Data Protection and Confidentiality, Best Legal Practices in

To know more about the practice area and our expertise, please write to us at employmentlaw@legalogic.co.in