We, at LegaLogic, offer a diverse range of services in the real estate sector, including advisory on structuring
transactions, stamp duty implications and registration of documents. We have also conducted comprehensive due diligence
assignments for title verification, and restrictions on ownership rights for various types of properties, and have
undertaken assignments for drafting, vetting, and negotiation of transaction documents involving the acquisition of land
and other related properties.

We also advise our clients on issues involving domestic and foreign investments in real estate.

Our broad areas of service include:

Drafting, Vetting, and Negotiating Transaction Documents, Including

  • Agreement to Sell, Sale Deed, Assignment Deed, and others.
  • Development Agreements and Joint Development Agreements.
  • Lease Agreements and Leave and License Agreements.
  • Financing Agreements and Escrow Agreements
  • Turnkey Contracts for SEZs, Townships, IT Parks, and a variety of other projects
  • Purchasing, selling, and renting commercial real estate.
  • Buying, selling, and renting residential property.
  • Industrial property acquisition, sale, and rental.
  • Coworking Space Agreements.

Due Diligence

Our broad areas of service include:

  • Title verification and ascertainment of restrictions on ownership rights and occupancy rights.
  • Identifying the prescribed user; reviewing the master plan or layout plan.
  • Examining Properties Affected by Forest Zones, Protected Zones, and Coast Regulation Zones

Litigation and Advisory Services

Our broad areas of service include:

  • Advising on Litigation and Court Proceedings.
  • Representation before concerned courts, revenue authorities and commissions.
  • Advise on local regulations including land-use restrictions, zoning regulations, registration formalities and
    stamp duty payment.

To know more about the practice area and our expertise, please write to us at real.estate@legalogic.co.in