LegaLogic completes fabulous 8 years. We are living a dream every day!!

A strong belief, good intent, ethical conduct, financial prudence, great team work, excellent clients, collaborative approach, help from all corners, has made LegaLogic come this far. Our team has shown great resilience and deserve kudos. In such a short period, we have grown to be the largest full service law firm in Pune.

We are in the profession of building trust. Trust compounds to build good relationships. Business happens because of this relationship. Over the years, we have built formidable relationships which we are proud of. End of the day what we take home is this relationship. This relationship is beyond money. As we march forward, we will continue to consciously nurture relationship with our team, clients, vendors and our well-wishers.

In the gloom and doom, it was great to witness personal joys in the team. LegaLogic family increased with couple of new born babies. Marriages. Engagements and planned weddings. New homes. It gives a great sense of satisfaction to see these personal milestones that our team achieves. Most satisfying of all was our office assistants making considerable progress in their personal life during all these years. Sunil recently bought a new home. Santosh finished his graduation after he started working with us. Patil now has a 4 wheeler. Both Patil and Sunil are taking efforts to educate their children. This indeed is the most gratifying part of our journey.

Our friends, acquaintances and country has faced severe hardship in the recent past and it is apt that we show solidarity towards them and their families. We will keep the celebrations on hold. Today is also Doctor’s day and we salute our frontline workers for what they have done to keep us with our families.

We sincerely thank and express our gratitude to our past colleagues, clients, well-wishers, vendors, bankers, auditors for their unstinting support and encouragement to make LegaLogic a successful law firm.

Let the Cherry Tree continue to grow!!

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